IRSECU offers a host of financial services for its members. We offer savings accounts, checking accounts, as well as a host of loan products. Click on the appropriate link in the left menu bar for additional information on our financial services.

In addition to the services listed in the left menu bar, we also offer the following services to our members:

Cash Personal Checks
Cashiers checks – No fee
Postage Stamps Available
Fax Service for Personal Use – .50 per page
Copy Service for Personal Use – .10 per copy
Internet Banking Now Available! Use the following link to access internet banking or click the quick link in the left menu bar from any page on the website.

Fee Schedule effective September 1, 2017

Any check/share draft returned insufficient funds $25
Stop payment fee $10 per check
Overdraft transfer fee $2 per transfer
wire transfer fee $14 per transfer
Credit union to credit union transfer $10 per transfer
Copy fee $.10 per copy
Fax fee $.50 per pgae
Check copy fee $1 per copy
Cashiers check issued to nonmember $5 per check
Deposited item returned unpaid $5 per item
Rreturned mail $2 per item
Uunclaimed share account $50
Late payment fee on loans $25

Any share account with a balance less than 1 share for more than 12 months                                                         $5

For Visa and Debit cards see disclosures applicable to the cards